Hailee Steinfeld 'Love Myself' About Empowerment Or Masturbation?

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Hailee Steinfeld made a name for herself in her starring role opposite Jeff Bridges in the True Grit remake back in 2010. Since then, Steinfeld has gone on to star in Ender's Game, Romeo and Juliet, and notably, Pitch Perfect 2.

Hailee Steinfeld's involvement in music includes pieces from Pitch Perfect 2. But she was also part of the all-star cast for Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" video, starring as a triplet set called The Trinity.

Steinfeld's own single "Love Myself" has hit. And the Interwebs are abuzz about the song. Generally taken as a tune about female empowerment and self-confidence, the lyrics to "Love Myself" seem to tell another story.

When I get chills at night
I feel it deep inside without you, yeah
Know how to satisfy
Keeping that tempo right without you
Pictures in my mind on replay
I'm gonna touch the pain away
I know how to scream my own name
I'm gonna put my body first
And love me so hard 'til it hurts

People are starting to realize that Hailee Steinfeld is not necessarily just talking about a general concept of feminine empowerment, but a specific topic of masturbation.

Of course, those lyrics could very well be completely innocuous. But they could also be double entendre, especially since she talks about her body.

After initial kudos for being a message about empowerment, people are catching on. The song was already riding high, now it is taking on a whole new life.

So, where does the music video lead?

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