Gwyneth Paltrow Makes Surprising Ice Bucket Call Out


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We've now seen many celebrities take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Seeing who they nominate is almost as fun as watching them get showered with ice cold water.

Gwyneth Paltrow had been called out by Martha Stewart, trainer Tracy Anderson, and chef Jose Andres. But who would the blonde beauty nominate?

In a surprising move, the actress called out her estranged husband Chris Martin. She said in her video, which she posted to her Instagram account on Wednesday, "Hi, I'm going to to donate money for ALS but in the meantime I’ll do this and nominate Chris Martin, Cameron Diaz and Stella McCartney."

The 41-year-old sported a huge smile and a little black bikini which showed off her extremely toned physique. She also went makeup free. It appears as if Paltrow performed the challenge outside in her garden.

Take a look:

Paltrow and her rockstar husband made headlines back in March when the couple announced that they were splitting up after ten years of marriage. Paltrow would go on to say that the couple decided to "consciously uncouple," instead of using the word divorce.

Chris Martin has been in the news lately as rumors spread that he is dating 24-year-old Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Lawrence. Martin and Paltrow are currently only separated, not officially divorced.

The ice bucket challenge has obviously been a huge success and a massive viral sensation. Not only has the challenge raised awareness in the fight of ALS, but it has also raised over $20 million in the past month. If you would like to donate go to