Gwendoline Christie's Villainous "Star Wars" Character Revealed

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Gwendoline Christie has been captivating audiences on Game Of Thrones for several episodes now as the seriously badass swordswoman Brienne of Tarth, and it's been revealed this week that she'll be slinging some new weapons on the big screen, as character Captain Phasma in the upcoming Star Wars film.

According to Vanity Fair, Christie dons a metallic Stormtrooper suit in The Force Awakens--earning her the nickname the Chrometrooper--and was photographed by Annie Liebovitz for a shoot focusing on the new faces we'll see in the film. Captain Phasma is a member of the evil First Order, which has many fans assuming she'll play a villain, but as in most of the other films in the series, things aren't always as black and white as all that. However, Gwendoline won't be alone if she stands on the side of the bad guys; Adam Driver is also set to play a villain.

Christie took to Twitter on Monday to join in on the May 4th fun, much to the delight of her fans and fans of the films.

It's unclear at the moment how comfortable Christie's new costume is, but she spoke to Vulture recently about her Game Of Thrones armor, saying it's extremely heavy and difficult to maneuver in.

"Oh God. That armor is pretty real. It’s very heavy, and it is very painful. It’s very difficult to execute any sword fighting as well because your movements are incredibly restricted — but that is exactly how the character would be moving. I mean, it’s my job to work with that and to take away the discomfort that I feel as a person and translate that into what the character is experiencing, so I don’t always look like a lumpish tin man harrumphing around, grimacing and going, “I can’t move! I can’t move!”

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