Gwen Stefani Reveals Post-Birth Body At Coachella

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There's no doubt that Gwen Stefani looked like her old self again, when she jumped on stage with Pharrell Williams during his Coachella performance.

And just think, it was a little over a month ago that The Sweet Escape singer gave birth to her son Apollo-- which is a very cool name by the way--however, that still didn't stop her from not only performing in typical Gwen Stefani fashion, but she also looked marvelous.

Rocking a black glittery jumpsuit, the 44-year-old looked like it was still 1996 during her Don't Speak days, as she jumped and hopped around the stage in her usual high energy fashion.

And by the looks of it, Stefani was thrilled to be at Coachella performing again, because she sent a tweet that suggested she's been feeling a little cooped up.

"Feels good to be out of the cave," she wrote "#Coachella 2014."

And of course, Mr. Happy himself, Pharrell, looked equally stylish, sporting a multicolored top that looked part shirt, part Mexican poncho, and of course he wore his trademark 3-story hat.

When Stefani married Bush's front man Gavin Rossdale in 2002, a lot of her male fans, me included, saw their chances of her falling in love with them completely vanish. Although that would have never happened anyway, but hey, you've got to dream, right?

In a 2012 interview, Stefani admitted that being married to another musician was difficult, especially since they had children pretty early on in their marriage.

"It's certainly been challenging for us at times," she said. "We had to spend a lot of time apart because of our careers. I basically spent all of last year on my own because he was in his band, touring the world."

"That was hard for me, being at home with the two boys, but now he's home we realize how much we needed each other."

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