Gwen Stefani Clears Up That Tumble She Took In Live Music Video

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Gwen Stefani talked a bit recently about the live music video she pulled off during the Grammy Awards on Monday night, saying the whole thing was a lot for her since she never has to learn choreography.

The No Doubt singer and The Voice star dances onstage while she's performing, but it's more organic, not learned moves she has to repeat. On Monday night Stefani broke new ground by premiering a live video that took over a commercial break and followed her through a roller rink and a beauty salon.

“I’m on cloud nine. I don’t do choreography. I memorize lyrics, but I don’t know how to do anything else twice," she said, adding that it "was a lot for me — and something I never thought I could do.”

The entire sequence was pulled off with the help of Target, and according to Gwen, if you were paying attention towards the end sequence you probably saw their recognizable logo. She also cleared up some confusion regarding whether or not she fell on her bottom on purpose during the last few moments of the video or if she really got tripped up. The truth is, it wasn't even her!

“That was not my butt. If you look at the whole thing, the circle is the Target logo and the center of it was called the inner sanctum — where I ended in the red dress. When I’m going around the roller rink, I slide into the middle and the stunt double comes out and she does the fall while I’m changing into the dress," Gwen Stefani told Entertainment Weekly.

Gwen Stefani and fellow Voice coach Blake Shelton have made headlines in recent weeks for their blossoming love affair, and Gwen made reference to all the tabloid headlines in the video. The singer has been accused of making Shelton's ex-wife, Miranda Lambert, jealous as well as hiding a pregnancy in the last couple of months, but she poked fun at the stories in the video. For Gwen, the performance was about coming back to a good place in her life after dealing with a painful divorce.

“A year ago on Valentine’s Day, my whole life blew up. And before that, things weren’t great either. I had a lot of things going down and I was in a place where I wasn’t being creative...I guess I had to go through what I went through: Tragedy.” " Gwen Stefani said.

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