Gwen Stefani: Blake Shelton Wants Her Back for Season 11 of "The Voice"

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Gwen Stefani is hoping against hope that her one remaining contestant, Jeffery Austin, is crowned Tuesday night's season 11 winner of The Voice. Blake Shelton has two contestants--Barrett Baber and Emily Ann Roberts--vying for the title. Even though this season hasn't yet officially ended, Blake is already working to bring Gwen Stefani back as a coach for season 11.

Christina Aguilera is set to return to The Voice for season 11, but Blake Shelton is putting pressure on host and executive producer Carson Daly to add a fifth chair to The Voice lineup, so Gwen Stefani can return.

As most everyone knows, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani began dating some time this summer. Blake announced his divorce from Miranda Lambert in July, and in August Gwen, too, announced the end of her marriage to Gavin Rossdale.

“We’ll just address that we love Gwen, we love our coaches,” Carson Daly told reporters ahead of the live show on Monday, evading the question as best he could. “We're like Iron Chef around here. Once you've been in the kitchen, you're always welcome back in the kitchen.”

“Anytime you want?” Blake Shelton asked pointedly.

“Absolutely,” Daly replied, giving Blake the answer he wanted

“I’ll see you next season, Gwen,” he said with a laugh, ignoring Adam Levine's "whoop."

Blake Shelton is clearly head-over-heels crazy about Gwen Stefani. He even predicted her contestant will win this season of The Voice--over his own two contestants.

“You've left me no choice here but to say Gwen, because it's my goal in life to beat Adam or to see somebody beat him,” he joked. “So I'm going to pick Jeffrey. That's who I would pick to win.”

“I also would have to say Jeffrey,” Levine added in a rare moment of agreement between the two. “He's a great singer, [and] he's not on Blake's team.”

Fans are no doubt (get it..."No Doubt?") dying to know how Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton's relationship endures once this season of The Voice is over.

Will you be tuning in tonight to see if Blake Shelton's contestants (Emily Ann Roberts and Barrett Baber), Gwen Stefani's contestant (Jeffery Austin, or Adam Levine's contestant (Jordan Smith) wins this season of The Voice? Poor Pharrell Williams was knocked out of the competition last week, but still lends plenty of support to the finalists.

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