Gun Parts in Stuffed Animals Found in Rhode Island Airport


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Gun parts in stuffed animals: No, it's not the plot of the latest "Die Hard" sequel, though, as I've said countless times before, this sort of "odd news" item would certainly make for a great summer blockbuster starring Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, and/or Liam Neeson. I'm sure you'll see this gimmick used before too long, if hasn't been utilized already.

Authorities at Rhode Island's T.F. Green Airport discovered gun components and plenty of ammunition stuffed inside a child's stuffed animals. Rumors are swirling that the incident was a direct response to a domestic dispute, though, at the moment, it's unclear as to how it the two scenarios are connected. However, despite having all of the parts necessary to assemble a fully-loaded .40-caliber weapon, the child and his father were sent on their way.

Rhode Island Airport Police Chief Leo Messier issued a statement shortly after the discovery, stating the situation "was jointly investigated by the RI Airport Police, FBI and the RI State Police and it was determined that there was no threat at any time to air safety."

The pair were reportedly headed to Detroit when a TSA officer discovered the "artfully concealed" components after sending their bags through an X-ray scanner. Three separate animals contained the weaponry: one held the gun frame itself, while the other two carried a firing pin and a magazine full of ammunition. Normally, this sort of scenario would raise a lot of red flags. However, apparently officials felt the pair posed no threat to security, as they were allowed to skip along their merry way. Kind of peculiar, if you ask me.

Of course, the gun and all of its components were confiscated by police. An investigation into the incident is apparently still underway. How the father avoided going to jail is still kind of baffling, but I suppose RI police have their reasons for releasing him. Let us know what you think of the situation in the comments section below.