Guild Wars 2 Second Weekend Beta Coming June 8

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Guild Wars 2 is probably the most anticipated MMO coming out this year. With that anticipation comes a lot of pressure on the ArenaNet to create the best game they possibly can. That's why there's no actual release date beyond sometime in 2012 (contrary to GameStop's own predictions). To help prepare for this year's launch, the team has started up hosting beta weekends in hopes to squash any bugs and test their servers.

The first beta weekend was held back at the end of April and saw hundreds of thousands of players taking part in testing Guild Wars 2. The team is back with another beta weekend that will start on Friday, June 8 at noon PDT and conclude on Sunday, June 10 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. It's another chance for those who pre-ordered the game to see what's changed since the last beta event.

The good news is that players who participated in April's event will not have to create a new character. Existing player characters will be able to continue from they left off before. Players who were able to reach level 35 or higher during the last beta will be able to take on and explore the Ascalonian Catacombs.

If you didn't take part in the last beta event, you may want to consider doing so this time around. Participating in these events directly influence the direction the game will be heading in as ArenaNet starts to enter the final months of development. Some of the feedback they have received thus far has resulted in changes to chat functionality, key bindings, server stability and general performance.

Unfortunately, the only way to get into the weekend beta is to pre-order the game which takes the kind of commitment that some players may not be up for yet. If you want to try out the beta without pre-ordering the game, ArenaNet will be handing out beta keys through contests and other means.

If you want to talk with other Guild Wars 2 players about the upcoming beta weekend or just the game in general, check out our Guild Wars 2 forums.

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