Guild Wars 2 Delayed To Next Quarter According To GameStop


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Guild Wars 2 is shaping up to be a game changer in the tired MMO genre. It needs a kick in the pants and Guild Wars 2 looks to be the game to do it. Heck, I hate MMOs and I want to play Guild Wars 2, that's how awesome it looks. Unfortunately, we may have to wait a bit longer to get our collective hands on the game.

Joystiq is reporting that during a GameStop conference call today, CFO Robert Lloyd mentioned that Guild Wars 2 had been bumped out of the current quarter. That means that the game is now going to come out sometime after July.

The game is currently listed, even on GameStop's Web site as having a release date of June 26. It could be a short delay that goes into the next quarter but doesn't go past August. That would make the wait more bearable, but we could also be looking at a longer delay.

Arenanet has been implementing some drastic and pretty revolutionary changes into Guild Wars 2. The recent weekend beta tests have been wildly successful with our John Vinson lavishing praise upon the game's world:

"Guild Wars 2 is basically the game that reaches into that part of a person who likes to wander around and get lost in an experience. If you go to an amusement park and say 'screw these maps', I'm going to just have fun…then you'll love Guild Wars 2."

As Joystiq points out, you can't trust any news of a delay until you hear it straight from the horse's mouth. If Arenanet doesn't have a talking horse, then you'll just have to settle for a developer representative. I'm sure they'll let us know soon if the game has indeed been delayed.

Regardless, you might want to pre-order that sweet special edition now or forever hold your peace. As a consolation prize, you can go listen to the GameStop conference call yourself if you still don't believe that the most exciting MMO ever has been delayed.

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