Guild Wars 2 Beta Sign Up Goes Live


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What is possibly the most anticipated MMO of the year, Guild Wars 2 has finally announced that beta test sign ups are finally open.

Guild Wars 2 is the sequel to the immensely popular Guild Wars, an MMO that bucked a lot of the traditional MMO trends like subscription fees. Many MMOs that have failed using a traditional model have now gone the Guild Wars route, finding success and cementing its influence on the industry as a whole.

So what is Guild Wars 2 trying to achieve? Let’s look at what the beta test Web site has to say:

Guild Wars 2 is redefining what is possible in online roleplaying games. We’re casting aside worn out old MMO conventions for a new kind of gaming experience where your character’s story actually matters and your actions really have an impact on the world. Bid farewell to grind and hollow, meaningless quests and enter Tyria, a land of beauty and danger filled with dynamic events that are constantly changing and evolving. With dynamic action-oriented combat, customized personal storylines, intense competitive PvP, and world vs. world battles, Guild Wars 2 has something for every kind of gamer.

You can sign up for the beta here. You will have to fill out the usual application requirements such as submitting your system specs. If accepted, you will also have to sign an NDA so have fun not talking about the game.

You better hurry up though as the beta sign up page will only be available for the next 48 hours.

If you want more information on Guild Wars 2 or just want to talk about the game with other fans, check out our forums.