Guardian Cross, New Game From Square Enix, Announced For iOS


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Square Enix, one of the few major publishers releasing core games on mobile devices, have announced their new game.

The game in question is called Guardian Cross and was announced on their Facebook page. There's not much to go on yet, but the information bar on the page provides some initial details:

A new fantasy card battle game coming out this Spring for iphone / ipod touch / ipad. We are also planning to release the game for Android. Information will be updated soon!!

A fantasy card battle game, eh? That could be interesting as there's not much in the way of hardcore card battling games for iOS devices or any game console for that matter. It does make me yearn for a true Magic: The Gathering game on mobile devices that's similar to the excellent Duels of the Planeswalkers on consoles and PCs.

Square Enix is somewhat of an anomaly among traditional game publishers as they have been supporting iOS with a wide range of games from their past and original IPs. Their most recent releases on iOS were the greatest RPGs ever made - Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions. They have also released Final Fantasy III and Secret of Mana on iOS. On the original IP front, they have published Chaos Rings, Song Summoner and Crystal Defenders.

The most interesting part of the Guardian Cross announcement was the mention of an Android version in the works. We don't know if this is only for Guardian Cross, all future games or if Square Enix will be porting all their previous mobile efforts to Android devices. I would personally love to take Chrono Trigger for a spin again since the excellent DS port came out years ago.

We'll keep you updated on Guardian Cross as any card battling game is a good thing.