GTA Online to Get First Add-On in November

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Though fans of the game are still complaining about game-ruining glitches, developer Rockstar seems to have gotten Grand Theft Auto Online into playable shape. This after weeks of upset gamers who experienced missing characters, in-game money, and vehicles (or were simply unable to play) shortly after the launch of Grand Theft Auto V's multiplayer mode.

With most of the game's troubles now in the past, Rockstar has finally turned to addressing the future of GTA Online. In an update today, the developer revealed that the first add-on pack for GTA Online will be coming sometime in "early November." The content, titled "the Beach Bum Pack," will include new weapons, vehicles, and customization options for player characters. The new items will also be available for players to use in the game's single-player mode. In addition, the DLC will come with "lots" of new job for players to get into, including new gang attacks, parachutes, deathmatches, and races.

Apart from the add-on Rockstar also announced that the "first part" of the promised GTA Online content creator tools will be coming sometime this fall. The tools will allow players to create their own deathmatch or race jobs for others to play, and Rockstar will be putting a "Rockstar Verified" seal of approval on a few of the better ones.

Those "Rockstar Verified" maps could be used in the developer's social club events for GTA Online, which will begin sometime in November.

Rockstar also mentioned in the update that the promised "stimulus package" of $500,000 in-game cash per player should begin sometime next week, after another update to the game is released. The update is meant to fix lingering glitches causing some players to lose their in-game progress.

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