Grumpy Cat to Star in Lifetime Christmas Movie

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Grumpy Cat and the Lifetime network plan to team up and create a Christmas movie. Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever will reportedly grace the network that brings Christmas specials and Lifetime movies starring actors like Dean Cain and Mira Sorvino. Now former Lifetime movie stars will compete for air time against a cat whose claim to fame is a grumpy face circulated all over the internet.

The movie is about a cat who lives in a pet store but is ignored. Grumpy Cat communicates only with a 12-year-old girl. Arturo Interian is Lifetime's Vice President of Original Movies. He explained that the project is "a little Home Alone and a little Die Hard," and will no doubt insult fans of both those beloved Christmas classics. Interian also promises that other memes in addition to Grumpy Cat will show up and he made sure to note that the movie will allow the often picked on Lifetime network a chance to take itself much less seriously.

"We're so known for our heartfelt sentimentality that it will poke fun at those stereotypes," he said.

Grumpy Cat--whose real name is Tardar Sauce--still doesn't have a voice, but auditions are underway to find the perfect person for the role.

Grumpy Cat became an internet celebrity when her face--replete with its permanent grumpy expression--was first published online. Her owner Tabatha Bundesen says she looks that way because of feline dwarfism.

Do you think Lifetime will have a hit on its hands with Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever? Viewers who shy away from the network will probably tune in out of curiosity over something that finally allows--or makes--Lifetime take itself a bit less seriously.

Who do you think should become the TV movie voice of Grumpy Cat? Who sounds grumpy enough to pull off playing a cat in a perpetually bad mood?

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