Grumpy Cat Has Earned More Than $1 Million

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Tardar Sauce – better known as Grumpy Cat – has cashed in on her look to the tune of more than $1 Million.

Owner Tabatha Bundesen has been quite savvy in keeping her meal ticket pet busy making appearances on a variety of shows, including the MTV Awards and most recently, American Idol. She took a leave of absence from her day job at Red Lobster to manage Grumpy Cat's schedule.

Tabatha's brother, Bryan Bundesen, said with various endorsements, appearances and merchandising, Grumpy Cat was worth around $1 million.

Grumpy Cat, who owes her grouchy look to feline dwarfism, has more than 5 million “likes” on Facebook and was featured on the front covers of The Wall Street Journal and The New Yorker.

The famous feline made a guest appearance on Wednesday’s American Idol, a sure sign the show is in desperation mode.

Judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jr, Randy Jackson, and host Ryan Seacrest fawned over Grumpy Cat, posed for pictures and took their own selfies.

Grumpy Cat didn't seem too impressed with her visit to Idol.

How much more could this frowning feline make in the future? Considering cats have nine lives, it could be substantial.

Image via Twitter, The Grumpy Cat

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