Grey's Anatomy: All 80s Covers For Rest of Season 10

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Time after Time, Total Eclipse of the Heart, Man in the Mirror, Just Like Heaven and How Will I Know are all great music hits from the 1980s. So why not get amazing new bands to cover them for this season's soundtrack of Grey's Anatomy? Series showrunner and creator Shonda Rhimes has always had a keen sense of matching narrative mood and song. In fact, music has become an integral part of the medical drama's identity.

Rhimes told The Hollywood Reporter that she will only use 80s cover songs for the rest of Season 10. Music Supervisor Alex Patsavas spoke of the showrunner's decision, "Shonda had this idea back in the fall and we started to talk about songs she knew would make sense with the story. We started with a couple of songs that she was interested in seeing if there were great modern interpretations for but at some point along the way she felt strongly that the way to tell the story in the second half of the season was to use modern interpretations of her favorite songs of the '80s and the songs she felt would tell the story the best."

Rhimes wasn't sure the idea would work at first. She quickly got the reassurance she needed from Patsavas when she ran the idea by her. "Happily, Alex told me she loved the idea. She then asked me to make a list of songs I wanted to hear covered. I went off and wrote down every '80s song that I ever loved, and I made this very long list. Then Alex did what Alex does best -- she went out and found amazing bands that had covered these songs. It's honestly become the most fun part of my job." She added, "We started slowly, introducing maybe one song into an episode and built from there. Now my vision is complete -- the shows are now all '80s covers all the time."

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9 pm ET on ABC. The drama has not officially been renewed for an 11th season, however both Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey have signed on for two more years.

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