Greta Van Susteren Says Jon Stewart Is Smart, Clever, Not Always Right

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Greta Van Susteren took to her blog this week to address a recent episode of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, saying that although she thinks he's a smart guy, he's not always right.

Stewart's take on Fox News--specifically their opinion on Benghazi intelligence failures under President Obama's rule versus those that occurred when George W. Bush was in office--led to Susteren calling him out, saying that "two wrongs don't make a right".

“Last night Jon Stewart opened his show with a segment about Fox News Channel's aggressive coverage of Benghazi. Stewart's criticism of Fox News Channel is that Fox News Channel is more aggressive about President Obama and Benghazi than it ever was about President Bush and Iraq. Besides the obvious — that almost all the Democrats in Congress voted for the war in Iraq and other media reporting – my simple note to Stewart is: 2 wrongs don't make a right," she wrote.

Stewart will often call out Fox News for their choice of coverage, particularly when he feels the anchors are being a bit hypocritical in their outrage.

“I commend you for finally getting in touch with your inner outrage. Because if I remember correctly, in the previous decade it was an emotion you did not seem comfortable addressing or expressing," he said.

Van Susteren's response has triggered a reaction on social media, particularly on Twitter.

As of Wednesday, Stewart has yet to respond.

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