"Gravity" Companion Film Already Getting Oscar Buzz

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For the millions who saw "Gravity" this year and loved it, there's good news from screenwriter Jonás Cuarón , who made a short film as a companion piece to the movie which answers some questions.

The film, titled "Aningaaq", is just seven minutes long but is already receiving Oscar buzz. In it, Cuarón shows us the other side of the distress call that Sandra Bullock's character makes during a particularly key moment in "Gravity".

"It's this moment where the audience and the character get this hope that Ryan is finally going to be OK," Cuarón said . "Then you realize that everything gets lost in translation."

With a budget of just $100,000--most of which went towards travel expenses for the crew to journey all the way to a frozen Greenland wilderness--the result is a short story that both adds to the original movie and stands alone. Whether you've seen "Gravity" or not, you'll be moved by the tale of survival, life, death, and isolation within.

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Amanda Crum

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