'Grand Theft Auto Online' Update to Bring Flashy Cars, Suits

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After a rough start Grand Theft Auto Online seems to have settled in to the community-centered experience Rockstar was envisioning. The developer is now issuing almost weekly content updates for the title, enhancing the game with new vehicles, weapons, and clothing that carry over even into the single-player Grand Theft Auto V experience. The game is just wrapping up its limited-time "Valentine's Day Massacre" in-game event.

Today Rockstar detailed its latest update for GTA Online. Titled "The Business Update" the content in the add-on seems to be geared toward players who that have lifted characters off the street and consider their criminal enterprises to be a bit more legitimate. The add-on will roll out to both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 console next Tuesday, March 4.

The main additions coming with the Business Update are the vehicles. Three new flashy sports cars will be added to the game: the "Albany Alpha," the "Dinka Jester," and the "Grotti Turismo R." An equally flashy airplane will be included as well, the "Vestra," a small passenger jet.

As with every GTA Online update, the Business Update will include plenty of new clothing for players to try on. The new clothing mostly sticks with the update's business theme, though there are some new masks too. Suit jackets, high heels, and new glasses are the aesthetic highlights. Players will also be able to give their characters some new business-appropriate hairstyles or what Rockstar is calling "currency-themed" tattoos.

Though not particularly business-themed, two new weapons will also make their way into GTA Online through this next update: the "Heavy Pistol" and the "Special Carbine."

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