'Grand Theft Auto Online' Update Brings Heists and More


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Despite the disastrous launch of Grand Theft Auto Online last year, developer Rockstar has consistently been updating the title since its release, adding features, in-game items, and generally whipping the game into playable shape. Now that the game has cultivated a community of dedicated players, Rockstar is on the verge of making some of its most major Grand Theft Auto V updates ever. The developer today announced several new updates that will be coming to Grand Theft Auto Online this spring.

The biggest change coming to GTA Online is a feature that fans have been calling for since the game was released. Sometime this spring Heist missions will be introduced. The missions will allow players to team up and take on challenging heists for the possibility of big rewards.

Starting with next week's update players will be able to create their own "Capture" jobs using the job creation tools. Like the player-created deathmatch and race jobs, Rockstar will be taking the best capture jobs and featuring them as "Rockstar Verified."

The next big content update for GTA: Online will also be coming this spring. The "High Life" update will bring cars, motorcycles, and clothing designed for high-end GTA Online consumers and those who thought the "Business" update was a bit too stuffy. The update will also come with a new bullpup rifle, options for high-end apartment player housing, and a new "Mental State" character statistic that will show how aggressive players are.

In addition to the spring updates, Rockstar today teased a few of the improvements that will be coming to the game in the future. Most of these updates will be minor fixes and features to fine-tune the GTA Online game world, including a "no-contact" race option to prevent player collisions, an RP bonus for leaving job feedback, and increased payout for parachute, race, deathmatch, and LTS jobs.

Most importantly, though, the developer will be bringing back the original in-air physics for motorcycles and bicycles. This will allow players to perform stunts and tricks that were made impossible by the change. Though Rockstar considers these physics to have originally been a bug, the developer has not stated that it is "open to keeping unintended ‘glitches’ in the game if players enjoy them and they aren’t causing any negative impact to gameplay or fairness in any way."