'Grand Theft Auto Online' Gets New Capture Jobs

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Grand Theft Auto Online is finally functioning and developer Rockstar is now rolling out content for the game with surprising speed. In addition to the "Beach Bum" content add-on and the roll-out of the job creation tools last week, Rockstar this week released its new "Capture" mode jobs. The content is coming in an update today, which also includes some bug fixes and what Rockstar is calling "dynamic tuning updates," which slightly changes payouts from jobs and prevents players from reaching the North Yankton area via an exploit.

The new update adds "Capture," a set of team-based jobs based on capture-the-flag style gameplay. The mode has been split into four different job types that are all available in Freemode.

The "Raid" job type is most like a classic capture-the-flag match, with teams competing to steal packages from each others' bases. Two "Raid" jobs have been added to the GTA Online map, on in Vespucci Beach and another in Fort Zancudo Air Base. The air base "Raid" job does include the use of military vehicles.

The "Contend" job type is a slight variation of "Raid" in which players compete over a single package. The one "Contend" job rolling out with the update today is called "Salty Snatch" and has teams fighting over a package on the Chumash Beach pier.

The "Hold" job type has players collecting packages throughout an area and bringing them back to a base. Packages can then be stolen from bases by other teams. The one instance of this job is currently located in Chamberlain Hills, where four teams can compete over eight packages.

The "GTA" job type sees players finding different vehicles and returning them to a base. The "My Malibatsu" job has players take cars from the Malibatsu Factory, while the "Field of Screams" job has players fighting over one Fieldmaster tractor far out in Blaine County.

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