4 Essential Components Every Business Needs for Successful IT Management

IT management is increasingly vital to the success of any business in today’s digital era. With the rise of cloud computing, big data, and cybersecurity threats, companies must have an effective IT management strategy to keep pace with the rapidly…

Google Brings Generative AI to Gmail and Google Docs

Google is letting some users test its generative AI in practical applications, adding support in Gmail and Google Docs.

Microsoft’s Charlie Bell Joins Twilio Board of Directors

Twilio announced that Microsoft’s Charlie Bell has joined the company’s board of directors.

Microsoft Brings Collaborative Security to Teams

Microsoft is beefing up Teams’ security features as the platform is increasingly used to share sensitive information.

Strengthening Business Cybersecurity With CASB

A lot is at stake to your business when it comes to cybersecurity. Learn how cybersecurity through CASB can help.

GM Phasing Out CarPlay & Android Auto in Favor of a Custom Google Solution

General Motors plans to phase out Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto in favor of a custom solution Google will help it create.

Virgin Orbit Is Ceasing Operation After Failing to Secure Funding

Virgin Orbit is laying off 90% of its workforce and ceasing operations after failing to secure needed funding.

Italy Blocks ChatGPT

Italy’s privacy watchdog has blocked ChatGPT’s use within the country, citing privacy concerns over how OpenAI handles user data.

Roku Is Laying Off Another 200 Employees

Roku has announced a second round of layoffs, with plans to let some 200 employees go.

Developer Company Touca Is Shutting Down

Touca, the tool that helps developers avoid regressions in their code, has announced it is shutting down after two years.

Bing Chat — Now With Ads

Microsoft is continuing its evolution into a full-blown ad company, inserting ads into Bing Chat results.

Seller Consultant Bribed Amazon Employees to Help Clients

A seller consultant has admitted to bribing Amazon employees in an effort to curry favor and help their clients.

E3 2023 Cancelled After Major Companies Skip the Event

E3 2023, one of the biggest gaming events of the year, has been cancelled after the industry’s biggest names said they will be skipping the event.

Google Accuses Microsoft of Anti-Competitive Cloud Practices

Google Cloud is calling out Microsoft for what it calls “a very anti-competitive posture in cloud.”

Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade Is Close: What Does It Mean For The Ethereum Ecosystem?

What does the Shanghai upgrade mean for the Ethereum ecosystem? Read on to the article for more information.

‘Insanely Broad’ RESTRICT Act Could Be Used to Ban VPNs, Other Services

With the US on the verge of passing the RESTRICT Act, which would allow it to ban TikTok, experts are warning it is “insanely broad.”

Judge Sanctions Google for Deleting Evidence

Google is facing a catastrophic setback in its antitrust case, with the judge sanctioning the company for deleting evidence.

All About the Louisville Economy

Looking for the next great place to work and live? See what makes the Louisville economy special in the article below.

AutoCAD Comes to Apple Silicon

Autodesk has announced the latest version of AutoCAD for the Mac, bringing support for Apple Silicon Macs.

WWDC 2023 Slated for June 5, Mixed-Reality Headset Expected

Apple has revealed details about its WWDC 2023 event and is expected to finally reveal its long-rumored mixed-reality headset.