Got Milk Ad Gets A Brand New Tagline

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Everyone knows the familiar slogan and advertisement "Got Milk?" This iconic tagline is now being replaced with a new one that will hopefully boost milk sales. Milk consumption is slowly declining and the sales have gone down about 1% each year for the past two years.

Although the "Got Milk?" ads were shown often on television commercials and magazine ads, MilkPEP, which represents milk processors around the nation, feels that consumers are not aware of the health benefits of milk and are no longer paying attention to the commercials.

The "Got Milk?" ads were considered to be one of the most recognizable ads in the world and they often feature celebrities with milk mustaches.

"The reason why we used celebrities at the time was to help improve milk's image," said Sal Taibi, president of Lowe Campbell Ewald, the agency involved in the "Got Milk" ads. "The idea was to convey the message that everybody drinks milk, even successful cool people."

The company has decided that Milk needs a new tagline and a new face and they have come up with a slogan called "Milk Life." The new ads will demonstrate how milk can lead to a healthy lifestyle and showcase the many health benefits of drinking milk. They will feature adults and children of all ages being active and drinking milk.

"We want to show how milk can help you power through everyday moments and everyday achievements," continued Taibi, whose agency also conceptualized the Milk Life ads. The ads are commissioned by the Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP), which is spending $50 million on the marketing effort.

The new milk ad will be released on Tuesday.

Do you think the new ads will catch on as well as the "Got Milk?" tagline and do you think they will help increase milk sales?

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