Gosling Surprises Kids At Deaf School, Wins At Life

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Ryan Gosling, as if he couldn't get more perfect, showed up at the Texas School for the Deaf recently to surprise some kids--alongside his co-stars Michael Fassbender and Rooney Mara--and make some dreams come true.

Gosling was in town filming a new movie and decided to attend a charity event which benefitted the school, much to the delight of students and organizers alike.

“We knew that Ryan was in town, and he’s been on streets around campus often so we were just pipe dreaming,” said Anne Adams, executive director of the school’s foundation.

Adams added that Gosling was extremely kind and wanted to make sure his fans were taken care of, insisting on allowing photo ops even after the director of the event told everyone to back off.

"Ryan was extremely kind, allowing lots of photo ops with fans and when the director told him, 'Enough,' he said, 'No, one more,' and pulled a small deaf child out of the line for a picture. Ryan is a wonderful person and we were delighted that they came!"

Amanda Crum
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