Goonies Sequel Happening: Will the Original Cast Reprise Their Roles?

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Childhood nostalgia continues on in the form of a Goonies sequel.

As director Richard Donner signed autographs in Beverly Hills, TMZ approached the original Goonies’ director to ask his opinion on superhero franchises. He surprised them by revealing that he isn’t working on another superhero film, but a Goonies sequel.

In 2012, Corey Feldman and Sean Astin both did voiceovers for the second season of Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Feldman was excited about working with longtime friend Astin again. He told TVGuide, “The coolest part is it’s two Goonies working together again after these years, which is crazy, because we’re all such good friends.”

When the TVGuide reporter mentioned the possibility of a Goonies sequel, Astin responded, “I’m 1000 percent certain there will be a sequel. I will bet my children on it.” Feldman wasn’t so certain as Astin about a sequel possibility, he responded, “Oh my God, I am betting no child on this matter.”

According to Slashfilm, the last time someone attempted to write a script for a Goonies sequel, it used a new group of kids, as the daughters and sons of the original Goonies gang, having their own adventure.

When talking to TMZ, Donner expressed a desire to bring back all the original cast members. No word on if this means that they would do cameos, or if the movie would take place 28 years later and revolve around them.

The original cast included Astin, Feldman, Martha Plimpton, Jeff Cohen, Josh Brolin, Jonathan Ke Quan, and Kerri Green.

The announcement of the possible film divided fans of the original Goonies. 

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