Google Street View Image is a Real Pisser, Man Sues

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A Google Street View photo has made a man in France the joke of his village after he was caught urinating in his garden.

While the picture was blurred, the man came from a very small town located in the Maine-et-Loire province and made him easy to identify.

He discovered the existence of his photo after being mocked by his community and hired Jean-Noel Bouillaud to sue" Google in a court in Angers for infringement of privacy and use of his image without permission. He wants the photo taken off the site and, naturally, he wouldn't mind about €10,000 in damages as well."

Google lawyer, Christophe Bigot, might claim that the site only shows people's silhouettes but there is a good argument to support that within smaller communities like Maine-et-Loire that might be enough to destroy a reputation. As is tradition with corporate lawyers, Bigot claims that the man "is an awkward customer who hopes to make a quick buck."

I don't know about you, but I feel really bad for this guy and could see something like this happening to anyone at some point.

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