Google Releases API .NET Client Version 1.2


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Updates are a common thing in the land that Google occupies on the Internet. One of the more rare updates to come from the company, however, are for its Google APIs .NET client library. You can celebrate today as a new version has been released into the wild.

Austin Skyles, a software engineer for Google and Developer on the .NET client for Google APIs, announced the update on his Google+ profile today. The new API .NET client is at version 1.2 now, up from version 1.1 that launched last November. It's only in beta now, but contains a number of new features.

The new features in the most current release includes media upload, alpha support for visual basic CodeGen and a fix for an asynchronous request processing race condition. You can check out the rest of the bug fixes and general updates on the download page for the new API .NET client.

If you have just started in development for the Google APIs in .NET, you're going to want to check out Google's developers resource page. It contains all the information you're going to need to get started on developing in .NET.

Austin Skyles
Austin Skyles   3 hours ago The Google API .NET Client v1.2-beta is available!

Update from the source repository

Or download from the project download page here:

Significant new features in this release are:
* Media Upload.
* Alpha support for Visual Basic CodeGen.
* Fixed asynchronous request processing race condition