Google Promotes AdSense In Your City Program


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AdSense publishers who live near Boston, Chicago, or New York - or can travel to one of those cities on short notice this summer - should consider filling out an application and maybe packing a bag.  Google's looking for people to participate in what it calls the AdSense in Your City program.

A key note before we get much further: if you don't live near one of those cities, but are interested in the initiative, Google still wants to hear from you.  Talia Brodecki, a product market manager, asked on the Inside AdSense Blog that people leave comments suggesting what other areas the company should take into account.

As for what's at stake, Brodecki wrote that the AdSense in Your City program involves members of the AdSense team traveling "to hear directly from you, as well as to share best practices, top optimization tips, and new products."

Get-togethers are small - think 60 people - and Google's method of determining who's allowed to attend favors the first people to request an invitation.

Recordings of the sessions are supposed to be made available online at some point, however, so don't worry too much if you can't make a meeting or aren't issued an invitation.

This program should just represent a welcome opportunity for AdSense publishers to interact with Google representatives and become better-informed.