Google Presents Geo Team's New Workspace


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At most offices, employees don't hope for much other than a comfortable chair and a nearby coffeepot.  Everyone expects more of Google, though, and the Geo team's new headquarters don't disappoint.

Tai Kuncio, an administrative assistant at Google, wrote a post (and shared some pictures) on the LatLong Blog today to show how the employees who work on Google Maps and Google Earth have been allowed to decorate their workspace.  The overall effect is impressive.

On the inexpensive-but-fun end of the scale, there's a hanging sign with a Douglas Adams quote, and also a couple of signposts that reference at least 16 different explorers.

Next, a bigger portion of the budget must have been spent on the cool-looking (though rather dark) "Moon room."

Finally, Kuncio wrote, "[W]e added a Liquid Galaxy for Googlers and visitors to explore Google Earth on eight stunning LCD panels."  (And it just happens to be next to one of Google's famous cafes.)

It's hard to imagine that all this won't keep Google's employees pretty happy.  Count on seeing the company's name a lot more when the "Best Places to Work" rankings are issued again.