Google Literally Spills The Beans On Android 4.1


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It's pretty much accepted now that Android 4.1 is going to be called Jelly Bean. Google I/O starts tomorrow and the company has not made much of an effort to contain all the leaks confirming the next Android update. The latest leak, however, might be the most obvious yet.

Google posted an image to their Google Developers Google+ page this afternoon that features an interesting sculpture on the Google campus:

Google Developers

Spotted at the Googleplex this morning. (via +Fred Chung)

As you can see, that's obviously a jar of jelly beans turned over. Now, this could be Google just adding more sculptures to their abnormally large candy collection, but you'll notice a pattern. The image features cupcake, ice cream, gingerbread and an eclair - a past versions of Android. It's no secret that Google creates a sculpture for each new version of Android so this is obviously the newest to be created in honor of Android 4.1.

If you are really skeptical and still not buying this, here's a photo from someone visiting Google's campus of the jelly bean jar standing right up. I'll think you'll find the shape to be familiar:

At this point, I'm pretty sure Google just doesn't care anymore. We all know it's Jelly Bean and we're just waiting to hear confirmation. We'll be covering Google I/O so check back for the all the latest and greatest news on Android tomorrow.