Google Introduces Lionel Richie Easter Egg

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While the rest of the world crumbles around us in a mess of bath salts, cannibalistic behavior, and TLC singlehandedly advocating and perpetuating the exploitation of toddlers by simpleton parents trying to live vicariously through their offspring, it's nice to see Google's sense of humor remains intact.

The latest example of Google's funny bone, which was pointed out by SearchEngineLand, involves Lionel Richie, a Google query, and Richie's song, "Hello." As you can probably guess, when you search for the previous lead singer of The Commodores, you'll find the following gem in Richie's Knowledge Graph box:


Yes, those are indeed the words from "Hello," Richie's crossover smash that was brought to the attention of the Internet generation thanks to the following flyer:


I'm curious, however, about how many younger generation folks have, you know, actually seen the video for the song, the one that gave us the incredible Lionel Richie sculpture which leads this post. If you haven't ever actually listened to the song (or watched the video), you're doing yourself an incredible disservice, especially if you're at all interested in what made the 80s so amazing to live through:

Look at all that hair; not just on Richie either. In other news, back in those days, that was the closest we came to inappropriate student/teacher relationships.

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