Google+ For Android Gets Better Apps Support As Google Launches Google+ Domains API

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As previously reported, Google is launching an update to its Google+ app for Android with a number of changes. Among them are some new features specifically for Google Apps customers.

For example, the app supports multiple account, so coworkers can easily share stuff with one another from their smartphones, even if they primarily use it for personal purposes. You can also create restricted posts, which can't be shared outside the organization.

The app includes new domain labels (this is also on the web), which help users identify their coworkers' profiles.

Domain Labels

Google is also launching the Google+ Domains API.

Product manager Thor Mitchell explains, "The Google+ Domains API allows Google Apps customers to integrate Google+ into their existing tools and processes, and allows enterprise software vendors to access Google+ from their products. Applications using the Google+ Domains API can act on behalf of Google Apps users to share posts within the same domain, comment on posts shared within the domain, and manage circles. In addition, the Google+ Domains API enables Google Apps domain administrators to pre-populate the circles of new employees, or review sharing activity."

"For example, Ocado is building a tool that uses the Google+ Domains API to regularly sync team membership stored in Active Directory with the circles of their employees," he adds. "This will ensure that every employee always has an up to date circle containing the other members of their team. Cloudlock is using the Google+ Domains API to add support for Google+ to its suite of data loss prevention, governance, and compliance applications."

Domains API

The API is available for use starting today. Any developer can use it, but only Google Apps domain members can use the apps built on it.

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