Google Fiber Gets A Sports Plus Package


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Google Fiber TV is turning out to be one fine service. Almost every major channel has jumped on board the Google Fiber train. Now the few lucky Google Fiber subscribers have even more channel options to choose from.

The Google Fiber blog announced that it's introducing the Sports Plus package to subscribers of its TV service today. As the name implies, it will give subscribers access to 12 sports channels for $10 extra a month. Here's what Kansas City customers will get as part of the package:

NFL RedZone
MLB Network Strike Zone
Longhorn Network
Pac-12 Networks (7 channels)
GolTV (English Only)
Fight Now TV
Outside TV
One World Sports
World Fishing Network
Universal Sports Network

Google notes that the Sports Plus package will change depending on the city. In other words, Google Fiber rollouts in Austin, Texas and Provo, Utah will feature a different Sports Plus package. The company isn't detailing what those packages will look like just yet.

If you already have Google Fiber, you just need to call customer service to have the package added. If Google Fiber isn't installed at your place yet, you can sign up for the package at the Google Fiber We site.