Google Earth's Giant Santa Sightings

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Christmas time is here, happiness and cheer, especially for the Internet industry, a collective that embraces every popular holiday with open arms. With that in mind, going all out for the Christmas season seems only right.

Take Google Maps, for example. Because of the street view feature, you can get a ground floor, rotational view of giant Santas in various areas. On the Google Sightseeing blog, a number of these were documented, but Google took it one step farther, offering a KML file that can be installed on your copy of Google Earth, giving you access to various giant Santas in an assortment of locations.

Apparently, the Google Sightseeing blog documented many, if not all of the giant Santa locations, which Google then converted to an add-on file, simplifying the location process an exponential amount. Whatever the case, it's for a good cause, because who doesn't enjoy looking at the various versions of giant Santa Claus statues in the United States? If you're one of the folks who wouldn't, try enjoying yourself a little more.

It should be noted that Google Sightseeing's giant Santa findings were not only located in the United States. There's also mention of a giant Santa in Norway, complete with coordinate links.

As for Google, they also mention a few other sites that incorporate the Christmas theme with Google Maps. There's one service that allows you to create a custom Christmas message, using a snow-covered image of your house and/or current location. It's an awesome feature that allows you to send personalized messages using the data from Google Maps, and some snow added in for good measure.

The resulting animation offers a link which takes the receiver to the personalized message. Be sure you have a WebGL-capable browser before you try to view it. Here's one from us at WebProNews to you, our readers:

Merry Christmas from WebProNews, thanks to Google Maps and It'