Godzilla Roars And Bryan Cranston Panics In New Movie Trailer

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Warner Bros. has released a new trailer for Godzilla in which fans get to hear the monstrous roar and see Bryan Cranston freak out.

The movie's second trailer debuted online on Tuesday, and shows why "Godzilla" is synonymous with destruction and mayhem. The trailer gives viewers sweeping shots of the smoldering city, a skyline covered in smoke, falling sky jumpers, a gargantuan rising tide, and people running for their lives.

The highlight of the trailer is Cranston, as scientist Joe Brody, shaking and seething amidst the widespread destruction. “It wasn’t an earthquake…What’s really happening is that you’re hiding something out there,” he accuses the government, “and it’s going to send us back to  the Stone Age!”

What did the government do now, and what are they hiding?

The trailer reveals that in 1954, the same year as the original Japanese movie, the nuclear tests being conducted by the United States military in the Pacific were not tests at all. They were actually trying to kill the monster, to no avail. The nuclear blasts just served to annoy the beast instead of inflicting damage.

It appears that the people were being told that the recent rumblings and catastrophes were caused by a typhoon, or probably an earthquake, or some other natural disaster. Brody, of course, had the gut feel that it wasn’t so, with the state of devastation he’d seen. Thus Brody’s panicked outburst.

And how could he not, when Godzilla looks to be stronger and more impenetrable than ever? Ken Watanabe, who plays a Japanese scientist, gravely says that man’s arrogance is in thinking that nature is within our control, “And not the other way around.”

Director Gareth Edwards shows viewers glimpses of the monster of all monsters, but is careful not to show Godzilla’s whole body yet. Fans will have to wait until the movie is released on May 16, but for now everyone can see Godzilla’s spiky reptilian back and his chops, bared in a horrific roar.

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