God Of War: Ascension Multiplayer Live Stream


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On April 19th Sony officially announced the upcoming sequel to the highly successful "God of War" franchise. Already reports are coming in from the press day that Sony featured to show off it's impressive new multi-player. The one thing that I took away from reading these reports is that it is God of War but it is really a new approach to the series with multiplayer.

Here is the live stream for you to look at:

Live video for mobile from Ustream

11:25am So the game features an online multiplayer mode that is very similar to a capture the flag mode mixed with a conquest mode. You can set traps, and kill each other all with the overall goal of finishing the "boss."

11:31am: You have the ability to align yourself with one of 4 gods: Zeus, Poseidon, Aires, and Hades. Each god has its own powers and load out options. Different weapons are also part of the load out.

11:32am: There are 6 different ways to customize your character. Sword, helmet, skirt, boots, body art, are some of them.

11:33am: The graphics look amazing for an online multiplayer game. They said that they took a lot of time to make it look almost as good as the single player game!

11:35am: They are showing some interviews from the press event and the overall theme from the press is that it looked really good and they all seem really excited.

11:37am: The game is a prequel and will focus on Kratos' humanity before he became the rage filled monster.

11:44am: The engine used to make the game is the same engine from GoW3, but they have added some new features to give it a bit of an upgrade.

11:51am: The Playstation Blog team will be doing more live streaming at E3 including a lot more info on GoW Ascension.

This is one of Sony's trademark franchises, I do not think it is possible to mess it up, but a big thing about God of War is the pain and frustration that Kratos has. It will be very interesting to see how they deal with that aspect of who he is being that this is a prequel. I am also interested in seeing more of the online multiplayer. Are there more game modes? are there other levels? there must be and I know it is still pretty early in the development cycle.

There will be a ton more about this game at E3 so check back for all of your GoW info!