Giuliana Rancic: No More Babies, Last Embryo Lost

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Giuliana Rancic and hubby Bill were very open about their struggles with fertility, and they were ecstatic when son Duke was born via surrogate back in 2012. Ever since then they've hoped to give Duke a baby brother or sister, but now those hopes have been dashed. The couple has lost their last embryo.

In an interview with People magazine, the E! News host explains that their surrogate was impregnated with the couple's three remaining embryos, but miscarried the last of them on New Year's Eve of this year.

“It was painful,” Giuliana Rancic said. “We were so optimistic with this last embryo. We thought, ‘This is definitely going to work. This is our last shot.’”

A breast cancer survivor, pregnancy would be a risk for Rancic. She plans to dust herself off, however, and make plans to grow their family in a much different way.

“We’re open to everything,” she says. “I think adoption is a beautiful gift you’re giving each other. And it’s funny, I’m even more open to [adoption] than I was before. Because I think to myself, ‘I love Duke so much, if I couldn’t take care of him, I hope there would be someone else who would love him.’”

Giuliana Rancic has a new memoir about to hit bookshelves. She is presently doing publicity for Going Off Script--due out on April 7th.

Giuliana Rancic most recently made news for the inconsiderate remark she made at the Oscars about Zendaya's dreadlocks. She also caused quite a stir at Fashion Police in its wake.

It's hard to imagine the grief Giuliana Rancic and her husband must have faced when they learned their surrogate miscarried back on New Year's Eve. Fortunately they've been blessed with a son, and will likely bless another child by bringing him or her into their family.

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