Giuliana Rancic Dogs Out Jerry O'Connell in New Book

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Giuliana Rancic is in a tell-all mood. After all, that seems to be what happens when someone publishes a memoir, especially when that someone knows a bunch of celebrities.

Giuliana Rancic's new book is called Going Off Script: How I Survived a Crazy Childhood, Cancer and Clooney’s 32 On-Screen Rejections. Her publisher says that her fans will definitely find out a few things from the new book.

"What fans may not know is that she learned English from Eddie Murphy, got her American citizenship so she could be a beauty queen, and used to have a bad habit of stealing cars for fun."

Giuliana Rancic also outlines her "battles with infertility and breast cancer" in the new book.

When it comes to what to talk about in the book and what to leave out, Giuliana Rancic had a particular approach. She said:

"I felt like if you’re going to write a memoir, you’re agreeing to be truthful. Otherwise, don’t do it. You have to be truthful, you have to share the stories that molded you, the stories that made you who you are today. That’s how I figured it out."

One of the stories she bared was about how Jerry O'Connell cheated on her with a Spice Girl and with Rebecca Romijn.

“I was being two-timed for one of the lesser Spices?” she said.

In a photo caption that showed O'Connell, she wrote:

"In London with Jerry. I should've known he was up to no good by the look on his face."

She mentioned a specific time at a Maxim party.

“Little did I know he was in the VIP area, talking to Rebecca. As a prelude to feeling up Rebecca."

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