Gisele Bundchen Singing For UNICEF

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It's not uncommon for actors and models to give singing a try and many of them find success with it. Gisele Bundchen is beautiful and an amazing model but she may want to reconsider a career in music.

She teamed up with French DJ Bob Sinclar to record her first song and covered Blondie’s Heart of Glass. Gisele's vocals aren't the only thing people have criticized about the song and video.

For reasons pretty obvious, Gisele decided to perform the single in her bikini. While she may have thought this was just a harmless decision, many people, mostly men, were more focused on starting at Gisele than listening to her music.

Many people mocked her singing and her performance on the H&M commercial.

Giselle means well with her music and is donating all of the money raised from the sale of her single to UNICEF.

It's not like Giselle has to worry if her music career doesn't work out, she can just continue walking down runways in lingerie, designer clothing and skimpy bikinis and making millions.

In case you haven't' got a chance to hear Gisele's song or see the video, here it is.

What do you think of the video and song?

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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