Girl Scout Cookie Record Broken By 11 Year Old

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If there is one thing Girl Scouts like to do, it’s sell cookies. Every year, Girl Scouts all over the world challenge themselves and each other to sell the most cookies possible. There is even a record for the most Girl Scout cookies ever sold.

The previous record of 18,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies was broken this week by a girl from Oklahoma. Katie Francis attends Middle School in Oklahoma City and beat the record by 10 boxes. Katie still has a week of selling left and hopes to bring her total up to 20,000 within that time. The previous record was set by scout Elizabeth Brinton in the mid-1980s.

Last year, Katie sold 12,428 boxes of cookies and was the national top seller. Jaimie Siegal, director of marketing and communications at Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma said that she was aware of Katie’s successful selling, but wanted to wait until the selling time had ended before they recognize her as the new record holder.

"There's three ingredients to selling cookies: There's lots of time, lots of commitment, and I have to ask everybody that I see," the 11-year-old said in an interview. "For the last two years, I beat the state record and it just seemed like the national record was next on the list," she continued.

Girl Scout cookies are sold by troops across the country as a way to make money to fund trips and activities. The fundraiser was started in Oklahoma over a decade ago by one scout group who wanted to earn money for a special trip. Other Girl Scout groups quickly caught on and the tradition began.

Girl Scout cookies are something many people look forward to and many customers are happy to purchase the delicious treats to help out their local Girl Scout troops. Girl Scout cookies are even sold online.

So what is the new record holder’s favorite type of Girl Scout cookie? Somoas of course.

What is your favorite type of Girl Scout cookie?

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