Girl Scout Breaks National Record For Number Of Cookies Sold

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A Girl Scout from Oklahoma City broke the organization’s record for Girl Scout cookies sold last Sunday.

Katie Francis, a sixth grade student, sold 18,107 boxes in seven weeks. The previous record-holder was Elizabeth Brinton, who sold 18,000 boxes back in the 1980’s.

Katie credits her three ingredients to successful sales: a lot of commitment, a lot of time, and asking everyone she meets to buy her cookies.

Last year, she sold 12,428 boxes of cookies.

Katie plans to aim for a new record of 20,000 boxes sold by the end of the month. According to her mom, she hopes to sell 100,000 boxes by the end of her Girl Scout career.

Katie sings Girl Scout cookie song

Katie’s schedule is filled with selling cookies, from weeknights after school to 12 to 13 hours on weekends. She says that she is happy selling cookies and that she has a lot of fun doing it.

She also says that compliments help keep her going, and that she has learned business and money management skills.

DeLee Francis describes her daughter as a “go-getter” who likes to work long hours. In the last two years, the 12 year old held the state record for the most cookies sold.

According to her mother, Thin Mints are the top seller, with Samosa as “a definite second.”

Girl Scout cookies are a snack food sold by the Girl Scouts of the USA to raise funds for local Scout units. They are made by commercial bakeries under the license of the Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts often get prizes and badges, and sometimes money. Most of the profit from sales supports the local troops.

Katie’s troop will receive a share of the profits from her record-breaking sales and donate it to breast cancer research.

National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend

Jaimie Siegal, marketing and communications director of the Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma says that they will wait for the end of the selling period at the end of the month to authenticate Katie’s record.

How are these delicious cookies made?

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