Giraffe Riddle Invades Facebook

Before everyone goes into panic mode, let’s set the record straight about the “giraffe riddle” circulating around Facebook. If you’ve seen a number of people have changed their profile...
Giraffe Riddle Invades Facebook
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  • Before everyone goes into panic mode, let’s set the record straight about the “giraffe riddle” circulating around Facebook. If you’ve seen a number of people have changed their profile pictures to images of giraffes, there’s actually no need to be alarmed. While I’m sure it’s quite disconcerting it’s relatively ‘normal.’ According to the Chicago Tribune, there is no Facebook glitch. It’s not some Internet virus, or scam misleading users to believe that its in support of some unnamed worthy cause; nor has the computer been hacked in any way. It’s a game known as the Giraffe Riddle.

    The giraffe riddle was derived from a social media application game that has gone viral. The riddle is from a game developed by Australian travel blogger, Andrew Strugnell. Strugnell has a humorous reputation of entertaining his YouTube subscribers with similar challenges.


    In just a matter of two days, the Giraffe Riddle has garnered over 40,000 Facebook likes.


    So here’s how it works: When users play the game, the object is to solve the riddle correctly. That part’s a no-brainer. However, if the user loses, they voluntarily opt to change their pictures to giraffes as a result of failing to solve the riddle. Then, post the riddle on their time-line to pass it on to other users.

    But, the funny part is, if they’ve lost, you won’t be seeing their actual faces for quite some time – three days to be exact. That’s right, when you lose, not only do you change your picture – but you leave the giraffe up for three long days. This actually heightens the suspense for those who haven’t played yet. It makes the riddle even more alluring to draw more people into playing. So be prepared for your time-line to look like an African safari for quite a while!

    This is Strugnell’s Facebook profile picture along with his original post for the riddle:


    The original post that kicked the game off on Facebook said:

    “I’ve changed my profile to a giraffe. I tried to answer a riddle and got it wrong. Try the great giraffe challenge!

    The deal is I give you a riddle. You get it right you get to keep your profile pic. You get it wrong and you change your profile pic to a Giraffe for the next 3 days. MESSAGE ME ONLY SO YOU DONT GIVE OUT THE ANSWER.

    Here is the riddle: 3:00 am, the doorbell rings and you wake up. Unexpected visitors, It’s your parents and they are there for breakfast. You have strawberry jam, honey, wine, bread and cheese. What is the first thing you open?

    Remember… message me only. If you get it right I’ll post your name here. If you get it wrong change your profile pic.”

    Strugnell also tweeted a link to the visual he posted on YouTube for the riddle:

    Strugnell has even developed “The Great Giraffe Challenge,” which is a website that now houses the game, due to the high volume the game has created on Facebook. If users play the game from the actual website they can share it on other social media platforms as well. The giraffe riddle can also be shared on Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

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