Ginger Zee Continues Maternity Leave, "GMA" Alum Sam Champion To Help Out

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Ginger Zee is continuing her maternity leave this week with her new baby boy, Adrian, who was born on December 20th.

However, Ginger Zee's position on GMA will not be neglected.

GMA veteran Sam Champion, who last signed off in 2013, is taking her place this week.

Ginger Zee left Champion with some advice and some to-do's for when he takes over.

When Ginger Zee called in on Monday's show, she said of Champion, "He has to take full credit for the dip in the jet stream, all the cold air coming in right now."

She added, "Second, I have a tally of Lara's puns [in 'Pop News'], so if you can just keep that going. And finally, just take care of the audience because I am going to miss them probably just as much as anyone else."

Sam Champion seemed happy to "take care of the audience" while Ginger Zee stays home with her baby.

He said, "[The audience] is the most fun part of the entire show, to get outside and spend some time with the people who come to see us."

He then said, "I think I have to buy a winter coat."

Ginger Zee is glad for the break provided by Sam Champion and others like ABC News Senior Meteorologist Rob Marciano, who will also fill in for her.

In a hilarious New Year tweet, Ginger Zee showed a funny and very truthful glimpse into the life of a new parent.

What do you think of Ginger Zee's temporary replacement, Sam Champion?

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