Gina Rodriguez: On "Jane The Virgin" And Why She Won't Play A Maid On TV

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Gina Rodriguez's leading role in Jane the Virgin has granted the 29-year-old actress a wonderful opportunity.

Her role as Jane Villanueva will give viewers a look into Latino heritage and culture. At the same time, the show is said to avoid many of the stereotypes typically attributed to Latino roles on American television.

When stripped of common stereotypes, what’s left is a relatable teenage girl who finds herself in a most extraordinary situation.

The premise of the show is taken from a Venezuelan telenovela, which has the main character accidentally inseminated during a trip to the hospital.

The catch is that she’s still a virgin.

The show will touch on cultural pressures about sex and virginity and it promises to be a breath of fresh air for the CW network.

Everything else on the schedule is monsters, magic, and superheroes.

This comedy may not fit in with the rest of the CW roster, but it is one of this year's most talked about new fall shows.

Religious groups are already condemning the series, which has yet to air. Some Roman Catholics claimed it was a television show “about abortion”.

The network hopes more open-minded viewers tune in.

As for Rodriguez, she is no doubt hoping Jane the Virgin will represent the beginning of a slew of non-stereotypical roles for Latina actresses like herself.

Said Rodriguez, “I didn't want to do a show about maids because there are other stories to be told about Latinos.”

She then added, "I know all the women on Devious Maids and I love and support and wish them only the best. [Being a maid on TV] just wasn't my dream."

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