Gina Carano "Very Open" to a Return to MMA

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Gina Carano said in an interview with Fox Sports earlier this week that she is "very open" to the idea of returning to MMA under the right circumstances.

Carano's last fight in Strikeforce was in 2009, and she has since focused her energy on her acting career. She has taken roles in feature films including Fast & Furious 6, Blood and Bone, Haywire, and the TV series, Almost Human. Carano's latest film is In the Blood, which opens in theaters next month.

In her newest film, Carano stars in the role of Ava, a woman whose husband goes missing during their honeymoon in the Caribbean. Ava strikes out on her own to take down the men she believes are responsible for his disappearance. Carano co-stars in the project alongside Danny Trejo, Luis Guzman, Treat Williams, and Stephen Lang.

"I've never retired. I never officially said that," Carano said about MMA.

"For some reason a part of me has always kept it open. I don't know, there's a certain part of me that thinks if circumstances were right, and I could keep doing what I'm trying to make my future into, that's an ideal world. If circumstances were right, you never know. I'm very open to it," Carano continued.

Carano said she could not reveal too much about how far her discussions have gone with MMA about returning, but she did say that it was a possibility, if she could do so without sacrificing her acting career.

"I feel like I can't say too much. I've got all this information that if I could just speak freely, this is actually what's going on," said the 31-year-old.

"I think to sum it up in a nice, safe way for me is if circumstances were right, and if it's a good enough circumstance (I would come back) because my first love is MMA," she explained.

A native of Dallas, Texas, Carano started training in Muay Thai at the age of 21. She made history by becoming the first female fighter to earn $100,000 for a fight in August 2009 against Brazilian Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos in the first Women's Championship. Carano is classified by the Unified Women's MMA Rankings as the third best 145 lb (66 kg.) female fighter in the world, and her current MMA record stands at seven wins and one loss.

In the Blood, directed by John Stockwell, opens in theaters April 4.

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