Gillian Anderson Kisses David Duchovny [Pic]

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Gillian Anderson kissed David Duchovny. And the Internet nearly exploded. Well, that time, and the time they found out about Andre the Giant Cat.

It's been a good day to be the Internet.

The scene of the amorous encounter was The Cutting Room in New York City. David Duchovny was on the stage with his band, singing songs from his debut album Hell or Highwater.

Presently, Gillian Anderson joined him onstage.

"Can we play some real music please?" Gillian Anderson joked

"Is there anything you're in the mood for?” Mulder asked Scully - er, Gillian Anderson. And Gillian Anderson requested the Neil Young song "Helpless."

The two sang together. When they were done, they hugged and kissed. Now if only they could do some more X-Files episodes...

But, wait! They are doing more X-Files aren't they? Fox announced that The X-Files will return on Sunday, January 24, at 10 PM. This is just night one of a two-night premiere, which sets the series back up on Mondays for the rest of the six-episode run.

Maybe this was a warm-up. After all, David duchovny had admitted to being a little nervous about being on the set with Gillian Anderson again.

"I think I’ll be nervous on the day. When I’m in a scene with Gillian, I think we’ll both be like, this is so weird. And I think we’ve both gotten better as we’ve gotten older, so how do we bring that to bear on these characters? If I were to look back at the first or second year of the show, I wouldn’t try to act like that guy. I’m capable of doing more. She’s capable of doing more. It’ll be interesting to see how we keep the characters the same but also the actors are better."

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