Gillian Anderson Is Writing a Sci-Fi Trilogy

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Publisher Simon & Schuster has just announced a new science fiction endeavor, an imprint called Simon451 (a clear homage to Ray Bradbury's classic novel Fahrenheit 451) - and one of the first authors to sign on to the new division is none other than Agent Scully herself.

Gillian Anderson is set to pen one of Simon451's inaugural titles - A Vision of Fire - which is actually part of a scheduled trilogy. A Vision of Fire is the first book in the EarthEnd Saga, which Anderson is writing with co-author Jeff Rovin.

That book, and a few other launch titles are expected to hit in October of this year.

"This is a very exciting endeavor, and I’m thrilled that Simon and Schuster has taken us under their wing,” says Anderson. “Together, we will make the most of what I hope will be a compelling series of adventures.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, A Vision of Fire "centers on Caitlin O’Hara, a world-traveling child psychiatrist who specializes in treating kids who’ve suffered trauma from natural disasters and war."

Gillian Anderson is of course best known for the role of Agent Dana Scully on the long-running sci-fi series The X-Files. You can also catch her on the excellent BBC series The Fall, which is currently available to stream, in its entirety, on Netflix.

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