Gigi Hadid Longs to Sport Gold Teeth, But Doubts She Is Badass Enough to Pull It Off

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Gigi Hadid thinks sporting gold teeth would be the ultimate fashion statement to reflect her personality, if only she could pull it off.

“I like hip-hop, and one of the fashion statements I like is gold teeth,” Gigi Hadid told The New York Post at Diesel Black Gold’s New York Fashion Week show on Tuesday. “I don’t think I am badass enough to wear it because I would probably look like an idiot. But I would wear it on my bottom teeth — not all the teeth covered, but the lining of it in gold.”

Meanwhile, Gigi Hadid thinks her fellow models respect that she is her own person and a star in her own right and not just the daughter of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster.

“Even though my mom is on a TV show, the other girls see how hard I work,” said Gigi Hadid. “If she wasn’t on a show I would still be here.”

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Even though gold teeth may not be in her future, she sure knows how to rock unique fashion statements.

Gigi Hadid sported a different sort of look at the Jeremy Scott show at New York Fashion Week

Apart from wanting to seem like a badass with gold teeth, Gigi Hadid says it's her kindness that is working for her and is helping her to moving up in the fashion industry.

“It’s becoming cool to be nice in fashion,” said the model.

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