Gigabyte's 2.1 Pound X11 laptop Makes Debut


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The spy world has it right. Smaller is better, right? Taiwanese computer maker Gigabyte has taken it to a whole new level with their carbon fiber wrapped laptop titled the X11. Gigabyte is calling the laptop the "world’s first all-carbon-fiber notebook." At 2.1 pounds the 11.6-inch X11 weighs just 105 grams shy of Apple’s 11.6-inch MacBook Air which makes it the lightest 11.6 inch laptop on the market.

X11 notebook will sport dual air vent designs and incorporates the use of aluminum which will apparently help with the laptop’s “cool and smooth operation just like a sports car.” Other features includes a 1.3MP built-in webcam and a microSD card slot. The X11 will also have an Ivy Bridge processor, a 128GB SSD, two USB 3.0 ports, Mini DisplayPort, and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity when it launchesfor between $999 and $1,299. All this is cool and pretty comparable, but the full list of specs is not yet available. Look for the new all carbon fiber laptop to come out sometime in July.