Giant Rubber Duckie Deflates in Taiwan

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A giant, inflatable yellow duck burst this week in Taiwan.

The duck was modeled after the popular "rubber duckie" bath tody design and had been floating in a Keelung City, Taiwan port for 11 days prior to New Year's Eve. According to a Straits Times report, the duck was created by a Dutch artist and was to have been part of a local New Year's celebration that evening.

Event organizers have yet to determine the cause of the incident, but have stated that they will "carefully examine" the duck's remains to try and find out. According to a BBC News report on popped bird, the theory that the duck was attacked by eagles is being thrown around.

The nearly 60-foot-tall duck burst sometime around noon on New Year's day. Video of the incident has surfaced online, showing a giant rip opening up across the bird's right side before it quickly deflates in front of a disappointed crowd:

Oddly enough, this is the second time a giant yellow duck has deflated in Taiwan in the past two months. The first incident occurred in November and was caused by an earthquake.

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