German Tree is Adorned with 10,000 Decorative Eggs

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Decorating trees with eggs is a German tradition and Volker Kraft has taken this observance to a whole new level by adorning a tree with 10,000 ornamental eggs with the help of his family.

Kraft lives in Saafeld, Germany and his sturdy apple tree has attracted many tourists over the years.

Many of the eggs are very elaborate; they are decorated with sequins, glitter, and seashells; boast architectural drawings and clay sculptures; and some of them are even drilled out to achieve a fancy doily pattern effect.

Twitter users are quite taken by the display:

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He started out with only 18 eggs while the tree was in its infancy in 1965 and the number has grown steadily since then.

Kraft said he needs to stop at 10,000 because he just doesn't have enough room to store them all.

The following YouTube video shows you how you can make an eastern European inspired classic red and gold Easter eggs.

You can also use a Dremel rotary tool to achieve a carved look by following these directions:

To celebrate the upcoming Easter season, please send us some pictures of your favorite Easter egg creations.

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